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The Art Collection

If you find a paint that you like ...



You can take the artwork that you like directly from the wall of your room

or the common room and buy it at the reception



From our desire to offer our guests a refined environment, where you can fully breathe the positive influence of art and culture, the collaboration with the painter Roberta Imparato is born .


Born in Naples in 1968, Roberta completed her artistic studies at the SS Apostoli artistic high school in Naples and after graduating she attended the high school of design. he worked as a graphic designer but never abandoned his passion for painting and art. passion that, especially in recent years, has regained vigor.


Oil painting, a material technique and intense colors, alternates with painting with acrylics. From 2005 he began to exhibit his works in various art galleries in Naples, Milan and Paris.


Only by knowing her can one understand the very fine web that strangely does not trap, but frees the meaning of her works.



Founded in 2015, Le Sauvage Décorateur is inspired by the adventures of Robinson Crusoe. Defoe's hero builds a house on the island using the wooden planks of the wrecked ship that the undertow brought ashore and uses natural elements to complete his refuge: the palms act as a roof, the coconuts become a set of dishes, tropical flowers are a perfect centerpiece.Robinson is an Englishman who creates a colonial-style residence on an island far from Europe.The philosophy of Le Sauvage Décorateur certainties of the western world are contaminated by the explosion of color of the tropics, where flora and fauna invade cities, palaces and rooms, legitimizing flamingos to nest on the roofs of Paris, giraffes to hide behind mosquito nets, the Turkish slave of Parmigianino to wear a banana leaf headdress and monkeys playing hide and seek among piles of vintage trunks ... Travel photographs, old magazine and book illustrations found in some attic dime nticata or on market stalls become creative patchworks and eclectic patterns to decorate not only the walls of the house ...


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