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What are Le Mummarelle

On a hot summer day, walking through the alleys of the historic center of Naples, a colorful figure, close to an ancient deconsecrated church, attracts the attention of two passers-by from afar who approach to look.
Once on the spot they discover a kiosk with a thousand decorations, softened by green branches of lemons and oranges.
Behind a marble counter and two large "mummare" appears the face of a woman of uncertain age, eyes of flame and ash gray hair.
It was Marietta, the priestess of “
la Mummarella ”.
Marietta did not sell water, she lavished it, as in a timeless rite. From his hands it passed into yours and in your hands you felt the breath of life flowing through the earth and water together.

While the two young men admired enchanted, the woman turns her gaze towards them and, with a subdued tone and a typical local accent, exclaims:

"At that time there was still no united Europe or certain things no one was going to tell you. Until then you could live quietly:

The Mummarella

You will tell me that, to contain water, those small terracotta jars have always existed and they have used and still use them all over the world today.
True, but not the Mummarella, that's another thing. She was created to keep fresh a water that was ours alone: ​​the iron water.

A water with an ancient flavor. "

"It had belonged to all of Marietta's Mummarella. It had given itself to conquerors and liberators, but no one had ever truly possessed it.
Fragile matter, she had resisted, proud and proud, to invasions, wars and plagues. But he could not, alas, resist the new world.
One day Europe arrived and said: drinks must be kept in suitable containers, their origin and properties must be indicated.

The water shod, offended and frightened, continued to flow ... but secretly, without ever being seen again.

Do you want to know who I am today? A woman who has lost her identity. What's your name? It does not matter. Her name is no longer Marietta. She is not a priestess and there is no magic. From her hands you will no longer receive the water in the Mummarella, she is only a woman who sells soft drinks… in cans ".


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