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APARTMENT 5 sea view
via santa lucia 66


Apartment 5 sea view è un appartamento dallo stile unico e ricercato e dai colori forti e decisi.
Nasce in uno dei quartieri più eleganti della città tra il lungomare Caracciolo e Piazza del Plebiscito.
Il perfetto equilibrio tra gusto raffinato e calda accoglienza.

I colori, scelti con cura per rendere l'atmosfera particolarmente elegante ed ospitale.

Per una vacanza all'insegna della comodità abbiamo pensato ad un'ampia cucina super attrezzata ed ad un salotto esclusivo dove trascorrere momenti di relax.

tv vector.png

TV a schermo piatto

Superficie 38 mq

Occupazione 2-4 persone

Wifi in camera

occupazione vector buono.png
planimetria vector buono.png
macchinetta caffè vector 2.png
bollitore vector.png


Macchina del caffè

Aria condizionata


condizionatore vector buono.png
cassaforte vector buono.png
cane vector.png
phon vector.png
sofa vector.png



Alexa assistant

Piccola taglia

con supplemento €20

alexa vector buono.png
frigo vector buono.png
ferro vector 2.png
cucina vector.png
forno vector.png


Ferro da stiro

Cucina moderna


Ti potrebbero interessare



70 mq | fino a 7 persone

Copia di Duomo64_42.jpg


60 mq | fino a 5 persone

stanza n1 (6).jpg


150 mq | fino a 14 persone


Founded in 2015, Le Sauvage Décorateur is inspired by the adventures of Robinson Crusoe. The hero of Defoe builds a house on the island using the wooden planks of the wrecked ship that the undertow has brought to the shore and uses natural elements to complete his refuge: the palm trees are the roof, the coconuts become a dinner service, tropical flowers are a perfect centerpiece.
Robinson is an Englishman who creates a colonial-style home on an island far from Europe.
From this residence the philosophy of Le Sauvage Décorateur is declined which offers unique collages where the certainties of the western world are contaminated by the explosion of color of the tropics, where flora and fauna invade cities, palaces and rooms legitimizing flamingos to nest above the roofs of Paris, the giraffes hiding behind mosquito nets, the Turkish slave from Parmigianino wearing a headdress of banana leaves and monkeys playing hide and seek among stacks of vintage trunks ...
Travel photographs, old illustrations of magazines and books found in some forgotten attic or on the stalls of a market become creative patchwork and eclectic patterns to decorate not only the walls of the house ...

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